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25mm Kellner

Solar Image Projector

Please Allow 2-6 Weeks for Delivery.

25 mm Kellner


$15.00 +

(Priority Mail) 

(7.5% tax in Florida)

Wide field of view (50o); 
1.25" barrel

Solar Image


$2.00 +

(Priority Mail) 

(7.5% tax in Florida)

        NOTE:  FRAGILE

This is a First Surface mirror small enough to project a round solar image onto a piece of white poster board taped to a wall in the shade for best contrast viewing.  This makes viewing the preliminary phases of a solar eclipse easy for teachers to share with students, as long as the students are instructed to watch the image and not the sun.  This will not show sunspots or transits of Venus.  It is strictly for projecting the solar image during eclipse for photography of the projected images, or for group viewing.

This is a safe method of projecting the solar image for group viewing and photography of sunspots or eclipses.  Full instructions included. It is best to practice holding a solar image onto a fixed "screen" before calling an assembly to watch.

Note: Do not let anyone touch the surface of the mirror.

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