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If you want to make sure that your Copier Lens 'Scope is well situated on a sturdier mount than the tripod platform screw, you can construct a Cradle Mount to support your telescope.   The Cradle Mount will hold your telescope securely, providing support for any angle that you tilt the platform--you will want this extra support if you are using the Star Diagonal.



You will need:

1 - 4" X 2" X 1/2" piece of plywood for base

2 - 4" X 4" X 3/4" pieces of plywood for sides of cradle

1 - "T" Nut, 1/2"

1 - 5" diameter hose clamp

1 - 3/16" machine screw for attaching hose clamp

4 - 1" long wood screws for attaching base to bottom sides of cradle

1 - drill with a 3/16" and a 5/16" drill bit


Using the PVC telescope tube as a guide, place the tube so that it defines a crescent about 1/2 of its diameter centered and at the edge of the two pieces of 3/4" plywood. Mark the cutting line.   Use a bandsaw, coping saw, or jigsaw to cut the crescents.

Measure the distance that the cradle side will cover on the edge of the base, and drill a hole for the "T" Nut.   Tap in the "T" Nut in from the top (the same side that the cradle sides will be attached), so that the weight of the 'scope will tighten the nut against the wood instead of pulling it out.

Attach the sides of the cradle, using the 1" wood screws.

Attach the 5" hose clamp by drilling a hole with a 3/16" drill bit, just big enough for the machine screw to attach the hose clamp.   The hose clamp will extend upward, parallel to the sides of the cradle.

Loosen the hose clamp, insert the telescope tube and slide the tube until the telescope and mount are well balanced over the "T" Nut.   Tighten the hose clamp.

Attach the base of the "T" Nut to the screw of the camera tripod platform.

(Note: Two hose clamps may be used instead of cradle sides.   The base, also, may be modified by extending its length for longer tubes. The width of the cradle, also may be adjusted for larger 'scopes).

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