In 1980, fourteen members of the Escambia Amateur Astronomers' Association formed an education committee. The committee developed a five-level educational program for all EAAA members. The objective of the program was to encourage members to read, observe, and to actively participate in the hobby of amateur astronomy.

The educational program includes incentives for higher levels of accomplishment, and the levels are based on total points accumulated in the entire program. Awards (certificates and astronomy books) for completion of each level are given by the club, along with privileges--a Level II member may check out the 8" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain and the giant 11 X 80 binoculars, and a Level III member may check out the Dobsonian 16" telescope.

The program is designed to be varied in levels of difficulty, but the committee took care to make sure that levels I and II were achievable with nothing more advanced than the naked eye and binoculars. Levels III and IV take longer to achieve, and the use of a telescope is necessary. Fortunately, the club has "loaner 'scopes" available for those who do not own one. Level V is the most challenging, requiring not only more than 1,000 points, but also the publication of an astronomy related article or photograph in a nationally distributed magazine.

Level I begins with an open book test. If you are interested in completing the EAAA educational program, use the links below for the test, level requirements, and point totals.

EAAA Education Center


EAAA Education Program-- Level 1 Test
Open book test using the "Sky Observer's Guide."
  This will give you enough basic knowledge to expand your astronomical expertise in basic information and observing skills.

EAAA Education Program-- Level 1 Answer Sheet
Print it out, fill it out, and post it for grading and credit.

 EAAA Education Program-- Levels 2 -  5 (Requirements)
Earn points toward the EAAA Astronomical Education Certificate, and the privilege of checking out the 8" Celestron.

 EAAA Level 2 - 5 -- Point Totals
This list tells you how many points you will receive for specific activities.

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