EAAA Education Program--Levels I - V
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  Level I--Stargazer

Take the introductory test  that is based on material found in the Golden Nature Pocket Book, Sky Observer's Guide, by Mayall,  Mayall, & Wyckoff  2001 edition. The answers to this open book test are keyed to the appropriate pages in the book.  Submit your answer sheet to Dr. Wayne Wooten for grading--a score of 80 correct is required for passing. If more work is necessary, material that you missed will be marked for study so that you might learn from your errors before retaking the test.

You may forward your completed test to Dr. Wooten at:  wwooten@pensacolastate.edu

  Level II--Sky Observer

Log your observations of celestial objects and total the points for each, as determined by the EAAA Point Totals for Levels II-V. You will need a total of 250 points, including the points scored on the Level I test.

  Level III--Experienced Amateur Astronomer

Log points based on observation of celestial objects, and actively participate in EAAA stargazes. You must organize and lead your own stargaze, whether in your neighborhood, at a backyard party, at a school, or other event such as a Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Girl Scout campout. Your point total must be 500 points, including those for the required activity, in order to reach this level.

  Level IV--Advanced Amateur Astronomer

This level requires a total of 750 points. Included in those points must be those for the required activity for Level IV--you must join an astronomical research oriented organization and maintain active membership for a year and actively participate in their observation program.

  Level V--Research Astronomer

A total of 1000 points is necessary for this level, plus the required activity. You must have a photo or article published in a nationally distributed astronomical publication such as: The Reflector (Astronomical League), Astronomy Magazine, Sky & Telescope Magazine, a professional journal (ALPO) or publications (IOTA, AAVSO) or Amateur Astronomy.

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