Customizing Baader Solar Filter Mounts for Your Binoculars, Telescope, Telephoto Lens
End Cap II

End Cap
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For easy adaptation of the filter to your binocular main objective, follow the illustrated steps for construction.

Place the end of your binocular or the end cap over the filter, centering the filter material.

Draw a circle around the cap or binocular to mark the sheet.


Draw a circle about 3/4" around the marked circle on the card.

Cut the outside circle to remove the excess cardstock, leaving the inner circle intact.


Cut notches all the way around the outer circle just to the inner circle that you drew around the filter.

The notches should be at least 1/2" wide, but not too wide for folding neatly over each other.


Wrap masking tape around the binocular base, sticky side out. 

Try to keep it even, and taut.  Secure it well when you get to the end of the overlap.


Place the end over the filter on the center line you drew.  Lift each tab and press firmly.

Tabs should be affixed to the sticky side of the masking tape all the way around.


Cover the tabs with masking tape to seal them in.  Press firmly to remove any air bubbles.

Several layers of tape gives a studier cap that resists folding up when reused.

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