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This game incorporates various forms of common words--some simple, some complex. 
This program is a free Java Script  program that originally comes with a 1000-word dictionary which you may configure to your personal tastes.  If you are not familiar with this game, see HINTS.

If you come across a term with which you are not familiar, please consult a dictionary to learn the definition. 



Hangman is a challenge to not only your vocabulary, but also to your knowledge of the workings and structures of language.

You may want to begin with vowels.   The letter "E" is the most commonly used vowel.  However, since many astronomical and space science terms are based on Latin, you will find a lot of "I's" and "U's," and "O's," as well. 

When you choose consonants, begin with some of the most common, such as "T,"  "S,"   "N," and "P."

Be aware of usage.  Do not try to put together two consonants or a consonant and a vowel that do not fit together.   Example:  _ or _ _ o _ o g y .    You have found all of your vowels, and choosing more will waste your chances to succeed, since you already have the most likely full complement of vowels already showing.
When you look at the ending "ogy," if you don't already know that "L" is most likely to precede the "OGY," you need to be more aware of usage.   "BOGY," "COGY," and "DOGY," don't fit.  Neither do most other letters.
If you insert an "L," you end up with "OLOGY," which means "the study of."  So, you now have the study of something.  You don't study porches, so "PORCHOLOGY" won't fit.  If you don't have much experience with a wide range of vocabulary words, you may have to "hunt and peck."  The word is:  morphology. 
As you see, your vocabulary is tested, along with your ability to choose which letters complement each other.  This is tricky, but if you understand word construction well enough, you will be able to figure out words that you've never heard before.

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