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The Constellations

This website has a lot of information about constellations, binary stars,
the mythology behind constellation names, lists of constellations and
various astronomical objects, and more.

Sky Charts, Catalogs, Atlases & Data Resources

Click the links in the menu. The "eo/mcc.html" designation is Astronomy.

This site has a list of named stars and other catalogues.  If you want to
pick out a special star in any constellation and send your love a copy
of a star chart and "name" the star to represent your sentiment, this is
a good place to find one.
Although only the International Astronomical Union can authoritatively
name astronomical objects, with these charts, you have the resources to
pick out a spot you like or a constellation you like, or a planet, or fulfill
your sentiment of "If I could give you the moon...," you can find your
special objects here and "name" them for the ones you love. 
This would be a fine exercise for children, as well, since it would easily
introduce them to astronomical star charts, and allow them to choose a
named star for their own special, personal, star. 

Students will find this site extremely helpful in their studies. 

The constellations are joined by lines, and you can see the positions of the stars
that are not directly included in the form of the constellation.

There are magnitude charts and an astronomical atlas on this site, as
well as an education section and much more.

Fourmilab Switzerland

Fourmilab has orrery programs and more information on astronomy and
space.  There are a lot of other scientific subjects, as well as a spam
blocker program for e-mail.

Stardate Online

This site has news and features about the latest in astronomical developments and sky watching.  There is   also a subscription for for the 24-page magazine issued six times per year.  There is a PDF viewable sample issue to browse, as well on site. 

Greek Mythology and Constellations

This site has references to Greco-Roman mythology surrounding their regions local constellations, and the stories behind the names that were given to perceived star patterns.  This is the list of constellations that we are most familiar with, because the Greco-Roman world was fortunate to have Homer, whose works were published, translated into many languages, and distributed all over the world, and they are still available today.  Ancient astronomical works from China, India, and Egypt are lesser known, and have not been implemented as the "standard" constellations we are familiar with today.

Keep in mind that any culture can have its own constellations based on items or figures in their real world or mythology.  The primary benefit of constellations to the ancient world were as identifiable landmarks for navigation on land, and especially at sea.  The brightest stars and the learned shapes of animals, objects, gods, and heroes helped with migrations and sea travel as a night time compass when the sun was no longer visible.

Light Pollution Information

This site has references to many sites that explain and give examples of various types of light pollution, what causes light pollution, and measures to reduce the problem.

The Hubble Telescope: Shedding Light on the Universe

This site gives information on the history of the creation of this telescope, how it works, what has been learned from it and more, and it contains links to many other sites
of astronomical interest regarding the telescope and its role in modern astronomy.

The Constellations and their Stars

This site has several categorized lists of the constellations and stars along with the full list of Messier objects (visible items that appear to be stars until maginfied, such as star clusters or distant nebulae.
The pronunciation guide for constellations is a nice touch, and there is moon and planetary information linked as well as constellations and stars.
The monthly guides are practical and useful, and there are pages linked to astrophotos.

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