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Frosty Drew Observatory

This non-profit observatory offers classes in observing, has articles and essays,
and other interesting areas to explore.

Griffith Observatory

This is one of the most notable observatories in the world.  Because of the expansive
view over Los Angeles, and the unique and massive structure, this observatory has
been used by film makers for many movies and television shows. 

The programs for visitors, both astronomical observation and planetarium, are quite
memorable.  If you are visiting California, you should stop here for one evening, at
least.  The massive Foucault pendulum is not only a functional piece of astronomical
equipment that demonstrates Earth rotation, but is also a magnificent work of art, and
there is much more.....

The observatory sponsors group stargazes and an eclipse tour, and posts important
information regarding general astronomical occurrences on its sky information page.

John Mosley, Program Supervisor  ( )
Griffith Observatory                     
2800 East Observatory Road                 
Los Angeles, CA 90027 USA

Griffith phone: (323) 664-1181
Griffith fax: (323) 663-4323

"sasteria"  Astronomy en Art-workshop

This observatory on Crete Greece has more than observation of the sun and night sky.
There is an Astronomy-Art Workshop available for those who want to expand their
interests in artistic directions.

Filip & Chantal Feys, Coordinators

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