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2.....1/2" X 4 1/2" X 13" pieces of plywood or scrap lumber

1.....ball-head camera mount

1.....4" hinge, or two 2" hinges

4.....small screws for 4" hinge, or 8 small screws for two 2" hinges

3....."T" nuts

1.....4" long, 1/4" X 20 bolt

1.....1 1/2" long, 1/4" X 20 bolt

1.....3" X 3" X 1/4" square (*plexiglass, *masonite, or wood)

2.....1/4" X 20 lock nuts

1.....1/4" X 20 cap nut

"Glow in the Dark" tape or paint (optional)

* Recommended


Directions for construction:

1) Join the two pieces of wood as tightly together as possible at the ends with either the 4" hinge or the two 2" hinges.

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2) Drill a hole centered 4" from the open end of one piece.

Thread in one "T" nut from the underside. This will be the TOP.

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3) Screw the 1 1/2" long, 1/4" X 20 bolt from the underside, and attach the ball-head camera mount.

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4) Drill two holes for "T" nuts.

The first hole should be centered 11.42" from the inside hinge.

It is critical that you get as close to 11.42" as possible, as this will determine the accuracy of the mount.

DO NOT round off to 11.5" as this will reduce the time that you can use for an accurately guided exposure.

The second hole should be centered 6 1/4" from the open end of the mount.

Thread the two "T" nuts into these holes on the INSIDE of the mount.

This will be the BOTTOM of the mount.

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5) Secure the 3" X 3" plate by drilling a hole through the direct center, and threading it onto the 4" long 1/4" X 20 bolt with a lock nut on either side.

Screw the bolt through the bottom front "T" nut from underneath.

The second "T" nut, closer to the hinge, will be your attachment point for the camera tripod platform screw.

Cap the end with a cap nut.

Guidance is easier if you mark one corner of the plate, and one corner of of the open end of the mount with "Glow in the Dark" tape or paint.

This will make it easier to keep track of the turns.

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1) Attach the mount to a sturdy camera tripod. The pan-head screw should be tightened securely into the "T" nut at the center of the mount bottom.

2) Attach the camera to the ball-head camera mount.

3) Align the mount by sighting Polaris along the HINGE.

4) Select your subject, and arrange the setting through the viewfinder. Align the mark on the edge of the mount and the mark on the "wheel."

5) When you are ready to take the exposure, use the cable release to begin the exposure; turn the cable release set-screw to freeze the shutter open.

6) As soon as the cable release is pushed, begin timing or counting off seconds. It helps if you have a partner to do this for you. Turn the "wheel" one quarter turn every 15 seconds. Every fourth turn should bring the marked corner back to the "home" position.

7) Exposures should not run over 20 minutes, and should be less if there is very much light pollution. If you run the exposure too long, you will not have crisp stellar images, but rather, star trails or distortions.

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