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These telescopes may be purchased pre-made or in do-it-yourself kit form. This is an ideal family project for children 6 years of age and up. They are also great classroom projects for science classes, and make great accessories for Science Fair projects.  They are also small enough to be easily kept in your vehicle for quick camera tripod set up or hand-held viewing during vacations.

Home schoolers will appreciate the quality of the optics, and the affordability of this great starter 'scope that the home schooled child can build and use.
Draco Productions' Refractor Telescopes are simple to construct using PVC tubing and masking tape. The main lens is a 50 mm diameter, 210 mm focal length, achromatic lens. The eyepiece is a 25 mm Kellner that gives 10 X viewing. This telescope uses low enough power to enable it to be used as a hand-held instrument, but it comes pre-drilled for camera tripod mounting, as well.

These small telescopes also make an ideal finder 'scope for larger telescopes. They may also be adapted for use as a 210 mm f/4.5 telephoto lens for your camera. The adapter for camera use may be obtained separately from Edmund Scientific.
An example of a finished copier lens telescope along with directions for construction may be seen at:
Descriptions of 'scope terminology may be found at:, and astronomical terminology that you should know is defined at:

These 'scopes perform well, as you can see in this comparison of telescopic images of solar activity.

DP Refractor Telescope with
Baader Solar Filter Material.

Meade EXT70 with Baader
Solar Filter Material.


Note:  In optics notation, an "X" stands for "power."  If you see the description 7 X or 10 X, it simply means that that lens will magnify an image seven or ten times.   Various eyepieces will change the magnification.
When you see the notation 2.8" x  10", that is an indication of size--2.8 inches in diameter by 10 inches long.  
If you are planning to use a home-built telescope as part of a Science Fair or school project, please check with your teacher or advisor before purchasing the unit.    

Please note:
There are some minor variances in eyepiece barrels.  If your 1.25" eyepieces do not fit into the bushing that comes in the eyepiece holder, you can make a custom bushing and use bushings alternately with the eyepieces that they fit.  The existing masking tape bushing is not glued in, and may be pulled out of the holder, and another inserted. 

To make a custom bushing:

Using 1" masking tape, wrap 2 rounds of tape (sticky side OUT) around the base of your eyepiece.  Begin wrapping masking tape (sticky side IN) around the tape base until you have a sufficient build-up to make the eyepiece either very snug or a bit too large to fit into the holder.  Unwind, if you need to, and cut a very deep diagonal in the tape.  The long end will face the eyepiece lens, and the shorter end will fit down the holder.  This allows you to twist or push/pull the eyepiece, and it will get tighter as you sink it deeper into the holder.  The eyepiece should fit snugly.


Baader Solar Filters will be provided free with every telescope, kit or pre-made.
For more information about Baader filters, see the Baader page.
This is the best solar filter currently available.

Please Allow 2-6 Weeks for Delivery.

Refractor Telescope



+ $4.00 post
(Priority Mail) 
+ $2.00 handling
(7.5% tax in Florida)

This is a 10 X 50 mm refractor, and comes with a tripod mount preset.  The 'scope measures 2.8" x  10", and weighs 1.8 lbs.

Refractor Telescope Kit



+ $4.00 post
(Priority Mail) 
+ $2.00 handling
(7.5% tax in Florida)

Parts for the basic Refractor Telescope…you put it together in about 30 minutes with masking tape (not provided).

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